Volunteers in Norwich most Saturday nights but also other nights such as Bank Holiday Sundays. Since starting in 2014 and aided by training from over 30 different sources, we have contributed over 4000 Night Time Volunteer Hours with numerous additional hours in support at other times. We have also sought help from or made referrals to or been ask for assistance by over 80 other organisations in support of specific individuals encountered on the streets. Grab the FREE citizenaid.org app. Contact us on the night by our anytime number 01603 340999. Enjoy a safe night out.

Street Presence… hopefully the name says something; being there, a presence on the streets, for whoever is on the streets, no matter who they might be, whatever their circumstances, whatever their need.

The teams are available to provide a listening ear, a calming presence, support, or signposting, depending on the situation. Sometimes it just helps to know there is someone about who cares. Our experienced, trained volunteer Street Presence Pastors go out on the streets in Norfolk, UK. The street team is backed by a prayer team who are in regular contact by phone, pray for the situations encountered, and the street team relay back prayer needs as well as answers to prayer.

The key times for the team to be out are during the late “Night Time Economy” hours which can vary from place to place, seasonally, or depending on events that may be on, we would normally aim to be out on the street from 10 PM to typically around 4 AM (occasionally later if there is the need).

Whilst out, we provide support and care for persons in need who may be: homeless, suffering from the effects of poverty, sickness, disability, old age, alcoholism, drug addiction, offending behaviour, or any other mental or physical infirmity, as an expression of Christian faith. We do not preach either in a religious or lifestyle manner but prefer to let our action speak for us.

Much of our work involves our night time patrols, particularly (but not exclusively) in clubland areas, but we also offer follow up, either by signposting to other agencies or other support, to bridge gaps in need in the hope of providing sustainable solutions.

We are in regular contact with other agencies to ensure a joined up approach to our work so that we do not duplicate effort but are able to provide more efficient use of resources.

We are members of CNI the Christian Nightlife Intiatives network an international group whose members provide appropriate support for those people they find out at night.

We can be contacted  via our website or through our VOIP number, 01603 340999, which connects to the most appropriate person including our street mobile when we are out.


2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Thank you for getting me home safely on bank holiday Monday. I was a mess and you saved me. Thank you.

    1. Hi C,
      Thank you for placing a comment on our website. Very few people we have helped do and those who have posted we have not published so far as we do not wish to reveal personal or identifying information. As you can see I have edited your name. Many people do speak to us when they see us again which is nice. Credit is due though to a young gentleman who you met in a venue we also will not name and followed you to try to ensure you were safe. We witnessed him grab you as you fell towards a parked car and narrowly saved you from hitting your head on the edge of the boot. Our team then crossed the road to assist. We saw him later in the night and he asked us if you were safe and OK. I believe your friend who we brought back with you after she had phoned to find out where you were knows who he is. As you can imagine we find many people who get into difficulty from a wide range of backgrounds, professions and ages. These include a GP in her 50s in a much worse situation than you, a woman who was brought to Norwich under false pretenses and needed to get home to Monterey in Mexico which we managed with the kind help of Norwich International & KLM, people who have been drinking with medication or without having eaten enough, young people we have called out to fetch their parents who are not in a fit state to get home, the list goes on. We have freedom of choice but with freedom comes responsibility and we need to try to be sensible with those freedoms when we are out to have a good time as anyone can potentially get into difficulty; even people who are normally very responsible mess up sometimes. Stay with responsible friends and make sure each other are safe and keep a close eye on drinks, purses, wallets, phones and drink sensibly. Help is available via GPs and support groups for those who seem to be unable to keep their drinking at safe levels. That does not mean to say such people are alcoholics but if they are unable to prevent themselves from drinking too much so that they may not be safe then that is a problem worth sorting.
      Blessings from the Street Presence volunteers.

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