Established in 2014, Street Presence is a Christian initiative set up as a non-profit company to assist those on the streets of Norwich. The majority of this work done by our team of trained volunteers takes place in the night hours especially in the clubland area of Norwich. We do not seek to duplicate efforts of other organisations but to compliment them by referrals and signposting as well as filling in the gaps between services to enable those with problems to access sustainable solutions to them.

During the Covid 19 lock down we have not been doing our usual night time patrols but have still been actively assisting people with issues such as housing, relief from domestic abuse, essential supplies, access to healthcare and other essential needs as well as assisting Norwich Business Improvement District (BID) in providing supplies to help local businesses as they emerge from the lock down restrictions.

Thanks to some of the organisations who appreciate what we do we are now in a position to be opening our new Community Shop at the old Maplin shop, 7A Castle Meadow in Norwich where we are now accepting donations of pre-loved items. This will enable us to both assist others in saving money, reuse and recycle unwanted items that are no longer needed as well as raise funds to further our work. This will also enable us to operate more flexibly without the restrictions often associated with grant funding thus freeing us to help those in the manner in which we can be most effective. The facilities will also enable those who wish to see us during the week to do so more easily as well as provide us room for training. The training will be for both our volunteers and others to enhance or diversify their skills so that they have a better opportunity to fulfil their potential especially in the ever changing environment and economy.